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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IELTS and TOEFL deadline


Dear Friend,

Now fren I'm thinking to apply apply on New session in both Master and Bachelor degree, and here are some queries from my side..hope ou'll manage your time to reply.

1. Is the IELTS test is compulsory for all University?
Yes, it is compulsory for all universities and polytechnics from this year.
2. Is it posible to submit the IELTS test result laterly ( If i take the test after March/April 2009) ?. Which is the best time to take the test? (To meet the application criteria)
Your language proficiency certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) should not be ready while applying. It should reach the polytechnics of your first priority or university which you have applied by 20th February 2009, 4.15 PM Finnish Time. So, don't be confused here, your applying online deadline ends on 13th February 2009 itself. 20th February 2009 is the deadline for reaching all the required documents like academic transcripts and all relavant documents, so this is the same deadline for reaching IELTS or TOEFL result as well.
The minimum language requirements for Bachelor level in IELTS is Academic Level 5.5 (You know there are two types of tests for IELTS, Academic and General, only Academic Test is acceptable), TOEFL 213 for Computer based Test and 80 for Internet bases test. However, it is always safe to score more for better priority.
I suggest to take tests by the mid of first week of January 2009 since TOEFL results take much times. If you are taking IELTS, you can take by mid of January as well. It is better to take it early as much as possible to avoid tight and rush deadlines and timings.
3. Would you suggest some  good University or politechnic, for Master Degree application. Actually i'm  thinking about the part-time master degree and  possibly managing the study from Helsinki.
It depends upon your study preference and various other factors as well. If you write to me in detail about your subject of interest and all of the releated factors you consider while choosing university or polytechnic, I might be able to assist you.


  1. Also I believe IELTS and TOEFL scores should be sent directly from the testing centre i.e. TOEFL scores should be sent to the concerned university or from ETS and IELTS from the British Council or similar. Some universities accept photocopies of IELTS scores as they can be verified online. However, you can check that from relevant university's or's website under language requirements. IELTS score of 5.5 is compulsory only for Bachelor's students. However, for masters degree scores required are quiet high (around 6.5). Also keep in mind that most universities in master degrees do not have joint application system. I am not sure whether you will get admission and student visa for the part-time studies although there are colleges that have part time degree programmes. I think it is on the basis of full time profession that visa is granted. If you want to study part time probably you want to work full time. So, you have to have an employer to apply for working visa.

  2. Hi there,
    I am looking for Masters in Computers background. I have written TOEFL with 93(iBT0 and have Written GRE (Q770 + V 360) and i have microsoft certified certificate as a web designer. How are my chances of getting an MASTERS admission along with Scholarship( If possible) for JAN 2009. Could u please help me with this ragard.

  3. Please note that Attested copies of IELTS or TOEFL (from British Council, university or college of your previous institution, etc) are well accepted by some institutions of Finland. So better you make inquiry to respective institution regarding this matter.

  4. In Helsinki University of Technology has minimum requirement of 92 / writing 22 (internet-based test) so believing that you have the adequate marks in writing, you qualify. So, I assume you qualify to apply in all the universities in Finland. Your GRE score(Q) is good and English you qualify via TOEFL. However, the main point they consider here is grades. If your grades are above GPA 3.1 or equivalent you are welcome to apply. Nobody not even the admission officers will be able to give you whether you will be accepted.
    By the way,I am sorry that there are no masters degree courses which start in Jan here in Finland and the deadlines for September '09 are also very near. So apply early. Since the tuition fees are free there are hardly any scholarships here in Finland. For scholarship there is a post here in this website so I recommend you to visit that. Scholarships are very compitative as it they pay for your living. No RA and TA before coming here as well.
    Anyways best of luck for your application...

  5. Hi there,
    I am looking for a Masters in Computer Science . I have TOEFL with 533 PBT is it possible to apply while the minimum toefl score is 550 in Filand

  6. @ Anonymous
    You are always welcome to apply and no one can stop you from applying. However, chances of being selected are a little low. You can always keep some other documents such as the recommendation from the University/College that your studies was entirely carried out in English. This may help you a bit.


  8. i scored 5.5 in ielts so can i apply for master degree in finland,if possible can i have the name of the college.if not than, bachelor degree is also ok for me,so can u give me the name of college of finland.

  9. i scored 5.5 in ielts. How is the possibility of getting selected for entrance exam? And i would be very thankful if you let me know 5 polytechniques universities accepting 5.5.

  10. I scored 80 in Toefl (internet based) and i wish to apply for a master degree in Finland. Is there any university in finland that accept 80 toefl score for graduate program?

  11. Hi i have Bachelor in BCA ,I want to join Master In IT or Business does it required IELTS or not for master study for finland any university.I am just in IELTS class after 2 months I will l finished my IELTS exam result so after then Can I join college for 2014 or not.?

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