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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sample of Application Confirmation Letter; its not a Entrance Invitation Letter

Dear Friend,
I am one of the student applied to Finland for further studies. I have included here confirmation of my application but I have not got any letter from college. I have applied for International Business, Information Technology in different colleges.

Yes, the one which you included on email is the Application confirmation letter. You got it after you applied through the joint application system of After applying through joint application system, you must have posted your academic documents and related documents as I have mentioned on previous blogs and now, waiting for Invitation letter to appear on entrance examination.

Now, to appear on entrance, you should have got Invitation letter from at least one the colleges you have applied to. If you do not get any invitation letter you can not participate on the entrance examination. If you do not get any invitation letter, it generally means that you are not selected to appear on the entrance examination. They first select students for Entrance and out to those students, they select the students for Admission depending upon the performance of the entrance exam.

I am realize your restless condition to wait for Invitation letter and confusion state of admission for Finland. But, it is the only way to get admission and if you do not get invitation letter to appear on Entrance then your chances of getting admission for Bachelor Level in Finland terminates on the same point. So, the other way might be only applying next time. Let's be hopeful and wait for Invitation letter till the entrance date.

What is the exact date of Entrance Examination?

I have heard that Entrance Exam in April 12 but I got the date April 17 in this website. What is the exact exam date? And I could not get any good information for entrance examination. In which subject should I face the exam for International Business and Information Technology? If you give the answer of these my problem, I would be very grateful with you.

The best way to know the exact date of entrance is to consult on Finnish Embassy of Nepal in Bishal Nagar. In general, they provide these information only to the students who comes to their contact. So, you once visit them to know more detail about entrance date and entrance model. They might help you about the entrance model and might be some sample questions as well. But, some colleges prefer to hide the entrance details to know the genuine and talented students. So, it is better to consult them once before entrance examination.

As far as I know, the entrance exam only includes general types questions from mathematics, English and general questions. But, don't be scare with the subjects, all of those questions are just simple enough and are used to check the basic level of mathematics and English needed to study in Finland. So, your basic knowledge and some preparations are enough to score good marks if you are at least average students on those subjects.

Sample of Application Confirmation Letter

This confirmation letter is issued by first alternative college when you apply through joint application process of In this case, he applied to four different colleges keeping Central Ostrobothnia UAS, Kokkola as first option. So, this confirmation is sent by Central Ostrobothnia UAS. After getting this confirmation, he was supposed to mail the printed copy his academic and admission documents by postal mail.


Date: 20.01.2008 09:22:43

1. option
Centr. Ostrobothnia UAS,Tech.,Kokkola
Degree Programme in Business Management

2. option
KEMI-TORNIO UAS, Business Administration
Degree Programme in Business Information Technology

3. option
KEMI-TORNIO UAS, Business and Ict,Tornio
Degree Programme in Business Management

4. option
Savonia UAS, Kuopio Business
Degree Programme in International Business

Dear <>,

Thank you for submitting your application in the joint application for polytechnic/university of applied sciences degree programmes conducted in English. Please, remember to mail by post the copies of the necessary documents (competence based (further) vocational qualifications
completed in Finland, non-Finnish certificates and/or language certificates other than Finnish Matriculation examination) and authorised translations (signed and stamped by the translator) of the certificates into Finnish, Swedish or English to the polytechnic of your first preference by 22 February 2008 at 4.15 pm Finnish time (+2 hrs GMT). Polytechnics/UAS
accept only final certificates awarded by a national a regional body granting educational certificates. Therefore various other documents such as "Testimonials", "Statements of Results", "Examination Results" or "Result Slips" are not considered as official certificates.

Scanned or faxed certificate copies are not accepted. Write down your applicant code to the attachments.

If you are invited to the entrance examination and are not a citizen of an EU -country you must check if you need a visa. For more information on the visa requirements contact the nearest Finnish or other EU-member state Embassy representing Finland in visa matters well in advance. Please note that processing of a visa application may require a couple of weeks.

We are currently processing your application and we will be in contact before the entrance examination.

Yours sincerely,

Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences

Talonpojankatu 2

Phone: +358 6 825 2081

1 comment:

  1. Dear
    I went through your website which I found very important. Thank you very much for your such service on the behalf of students. I love this much.
    As others, I have some quiries regarding entrance exam for finland, I hope your answer will be much benefit for me. Here it is:

    1.My brother and sister have applied for the UAS and got the invitation letter too. But what can be done if they are asked to attend entrance in finland? Is there any way to manage the entrance here in Nepal?
    2.They have applied for four UAS. Do they have to attend all the four entrance exam? What happens if they don't get invitation letter from all the four?
    3.They have applied for business and science. What could be the better way for getting the sample questions for the preparation.
    4. Last , but not least,what will be the better suggestions for them who are preparing for the entrance. and if they get the invitation from all the uas on what basis they could give priority on which university.

    I hope such questions will be helpful for not only my brother and sister but also others.
    I again thank you for your kind information.
    Wish you all the best.

    With Kind Regards
    Khem Raj Sedhai


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