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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

some questions about job in Finland

Thanx for the information, your info was very helpful. I was not aware of that jobs were that hard to get in finland.
I filled in the online application and I have applied for the following:-
1>HAMK UAS, Hameenlinna, Visamaki
Degree programme in Construction Engineering
2>TURKU UAS, Turku, Information Technology
Degree programme in Information Technology
3>VAASA UAS, Technology, IT
Degree programme in Information Technology
4>SAVONIA UAS, Kuopio, Technology
Degree programme in Information Technology
Can I get any kind of jobs in these cities if I am admitted to any of these UAS?In my condition job is mandatory for my survival.
Hey can't we go Helsinki or abroad like Denmark during the vacations for jobs?
I would be grateful if u could help me by answering these questions.

Thank you for visiting and dropping a mail to me. I would be really happy to help Nepalese friends for knowing Finland in realistic manner.

Before coming to your queries, I would like you to consider few of the things about Jobs in Finland on student status.

1. Getting jobs in entire Finland is really hard. Jobs are get as luck in most of the cases, with exception of Helsinki. Obviously Helsinki have more job opportunities. If you can get the job, the most common jobs might be newspaper and postal delivary in Posti (Posti is postal service of Finland). Other jobs might be, cleaning and chopping vegetables and meat on restaurants. You can also get jobs in Boat Cruise as well if you come to costal cities. If you are coming there for Bachelor level, you just stop thinking to get jobs related to your interest.

2. The good thing is that, whatever job you get, it would be more relief for your living costs. If you get any kind of job, that would more or less cover your living costs, if you live by sharing apartments with other Nepalese or other partners. Living cost is high if you want to spend by the money you brought from Nepal. But, its average, not so expensive if you start earning in Euro. Average monthly 300-400 will cover every of your expense, including room rent, foods and some transport. If you share your room with another one partner, this cost will be reduced to 200-250. If you get it shared with three, you can also manage in 150-200. However, it might not be true in Helsinki, since it have bit higher living cost as well as having higher probability of getting job.

Now, coming your queries, if you want to suggest you among your list of colleges, I would suggest you to come to Turku. Visamaki is also nearer to Turku so, coming to Hamk UAS and Turku UAS might be better then rest of two colleges. if you get admission on Vaasa UAS in Vaasa and Savonia UAS in Kupio; you need to think twice whether you want to come or not. I did not mean you won't get jobs at all. If you are lucky enough, you might get jobs within a month. If you are not lucky enough, you might not get even within a year. So, it all depends upon the luck.

If you come to Turku, the job opportunities are bit higher. If you come to any of the Hamk or Turku UAS, it would be a wise decision than last two colleges. But, again, I did not mean, you will so easily get jobs in Turku. But, the chances of getting job in Turku is higher in other cities you have applied.

Now, coming to your last queries, of course, you can go to other cities or countries for work during vacations. Most of the Asians including Nepalese does the same. They go to Helsinki or other countries for work during holidays. But, I don't know about Denmark, since I have never heard it before someone going to Denmark for work during holidays. Most of the Nepalese go to Helsinki for work during holidays. Some also go to Germany or Sweden or some other nearer countries as well. But, in most of the cases, Nepalese find the job in Helsinki only. There will be two holiday periods in Finland. First during end of december for 21-30 days depending upon your college schedule. Second during Summer, by the mid of June to end of August for about 3 months. These are the times when Nepalese work and gather living amount for entire year. During these periods, you can also get very good jobs in larger organizations as well like Nokia, Siemens, Microsoft for a temporary period of 2-3 months.


  1. Your endeavour of offering genuine information to Nepalese students is praiseworthy.

  2. can i know about the job opportunity in lahti?

  3. You are doing very nice job in trying to help your Nepalase friends but thinking about other nations will not hurt you!!!

  4. First of all I appreciate your holy work. And, I would like to ask u a question. I have heard that it is illegal to share room with other guys but I am planning to stay with 3 other frens to minimise my expense, I am wondering whethre that could be a problem in the time of extending our residence permit.

  5. Hello friend,
    your effort is commendable and very impressive. thank you for providing us with the valuable information.

    I have something to ask as well regarding the job in Tampere city, How difficult is it to get a job in Tampere as a student of the university?

  6. Thank You very Much!!! Info On living and cost is really helpful.... Like mannie said...Regarding the job in would be really helpful.....or the student apartments..


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